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Originally from Cincinnati, Ohio, Emily moved to Louisville to pursue higher education and graduated from Bellarmine University with a Bachelor’s degree, majoring in Business with a minor in Spanish. She supported herself through college and has extensive work experience in office administration and the hospitality and service industries. Emily joined the team at Sterling Thompson Company in March 2018. 

Emily has a passion for travel and wishes to explore the diverse cultures that blanket the world.  Her dream is to utilize her Spanish, spend time in Spain, and then travel by train throughout Europe. Emily believes that the best way to understand cultural perspectives is to experience them first hand.
Emily is one of three children and is the adventuresome one. She has always strived to learn from each experience. Her interests are eclectic—whether the symphony or a rock concert, a Broadway play or the infield at Churchill Downs. Each is an adventure that should not be missed. Her personal motto is, Carpe Diem—Seize the Day!